Campaign Systems

Adventure Logs

Rewards for adventure logs will be as follows:

  • 1 Prestige Point
  • 1 Rumor


In addition to the usual crafting, research, and general adventurer conniving that occurs during campaign downtime, here are some additional rules specific to Hand of Ptolus:

  • Influence a Relationship – 2/month (as detailed here)
  • Engage in gossip (DC20 Knowledge (Local) or Diplomacy)to gain an additional rumor – 1/month
  • Research a District, sacrificing two weeks of your Downtime to add a new District to apply your Knowledge(Local) ranks to (as detailed below).


Local – Since the setting of Ptolus is contained to the city, Knowledge(Local) will give you information on particular Districts. Someone who lives in the Warrens probably won’t be able to give you directions around the streets of the Noble Quarter, for example. As you spend time in various districts, or take the time to meaningfully research the district in question, you can add it to your repertoire, and your Knowledge(Local) ranks will apply to rolls made regarding information there, in addition to any you had previously.

In addition, Knowledge(Local) is always a Class skill. Everybody has a home somewhere.

Campaign Systems

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