Reputation and Fame

These rules function as per the Reputation and Fame system detailed in Ultimate Campaign, with the following exceptions.

Sphere of Influence
Sphere of Influence will not apply, though certain Districts will be somewhat less likely to have heard of you than others. The difference does not seem worth keeping track of.

Prestige Point Awards
As there is no Sphere of Influence, the Favored Territory award will not function as listed. Instead, the PC may choose a District to apply the favored bonus to, for the same listed price of 5PP. In addition, the Great title award will instead grant you the base Diplomacy bonus of +2 in all Districts of Ptolus, in addition to furthering your Favored Territory bonuses to +8 / +6 / +4 for your first, second, and third choices of territory, if you have any. The Favored Territory award is not a prerequisite for the Great title award.

Organizational Awards
The Initiate, Officer, Commander, and High Commander Prestige Awards will not function in this campaign, as it is focused on the PCs eventually taking control of an organization of their own.

Wizard Buddies
The Arcane Study Award will require a Relationship score with an arcane, non-spontaneous spellcaster (such as a Wizard or Witch) of at least Friendship status.

Reputation and Fame

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