Relationships will work as per the system detailed in Ultimate Campaign, with the following minor exceptions:

Relationship Management for the Upwardly Social:
While players are free to pursue and attempt to further as many relationships as they want to try and maintain at once, only the NPCs that start the game tied to a character will have a constantly visible Relationship score with said PC. You can request to know your Relationships score with the chosen NPCs at any time, and it will be freely given (or, keep track of it yourself). Each PC may choose to start with anywhere from 1-4 NPCs, and will have 13 points to distribute between them. Each point assigned to an NPC is equivalent to his/her Relationship score with your PC. These NPCs should not be massively influential in Ptolus- you cannot be best buddies with Lady Devina Kath to start off with, but more reasonable would be one of the lesser House Kath associate members, or a member of the estate staff.

(This means you can have one strong Relationship at the Fellowship level, two contacts at a Friendship level, or several at an Association level.)

All other NPCs require a bit more study, requiring a Sense Motive roll (base DC 20) to gauge their Relationship score with your PC. To assess the Relationship score of an NPC with someone who is not your PC, the DC moves up to 35. These DCs are subject to circumstantial bonuses/penalties. Over the course of the campaign, certain NPCs may become part of your permanent cast of characters, and will no longer require the Sense Motive roll to assess.

Influencing NPCs
In addition the normal methods of Relationship advancement, during periods of downtime players can make Diplomacy/Intimidate checks to positively/negatively influence Relationship scores. When attempting to affect your own relationship score with an NPC, the DC to raise/lower it is 25/15 (it is much easier to break ties than it is to make them stronger). Attempting to influence an NPCs thoughts on someone else is a different matter, requiring a DC 35 to affect the score either positively or negatively, though that DC may be lowered if your Relationship score with said NPC is above Fellowship/Rivalry status. Your opinions are valued more by those close to you, after all.

Each successful Diplomacy/Intimidate check bumps the Relationship score of the chosen character-character relationship by +/-1, with an additional +/-2 for every 5 you beat the DC of the roll. In addition, if you roleplay the meaningful interaction that you’re rolling for (either through forums or in person), you influence the Relationship score an additional +/-1 after all other calculations.

Relationship Score———Relationship Level
5 or lower———Association
31 or higher———Devotion/Enmity


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