Character Creation

So, You Want To Be A Hero?


  • PCs must be Level 1
  • PCs must be of any non-Evil alignment.
  • PCs will begin with a Fame of 1
  • PCs may choose two Traits (to replace the Backgrounds detailed in the Prolus Player’s Guide)
  • Classes and Races outside of the Core Rulebook, the Advanced Player’s Guide, and the Ptolus Player’s Guide require approval.
  • Maximum base gold for character class.
  • PCs may choose to have a home in Ptolus and a lifestyle appropriate to their character. Any special circumstances should be discussed with the GM.
  • At game start, PCs may elect 1-4 NPCs to be in Relationships with, taking into account backstory and exposition (you must have a reason to be connected with said NPCs). These NPCs become your chosen starting Relationship NPCs, as detailed on the Relationships page.
  • Ability scores will be allocated by point-buy at Epic Fantasy (25)


Classes not mentioned here are assumed to be covered in the Ptolus Player’s Guide, or in a Pathfinder sourcebook. All classes not in the Core Rules and the Advanced Player’s Guide require Gamemaster permission. Special mentions are below.


Gunsmith: Replace the options of Blunderbuss, Musket, and Pistol with Dragon Pistol, Dragon Rifle, or Sting. At the time the Gunslinger chooses his gun, he may also choose whether or not he owns a Firearms Permit (thus determining whether his use of the gun within city limits is legal or not). All other usual Gunslinger rules and effects apply to the chosen weapon.


Any Race in the Core Rules and the Ptolus Player’s Guide are fair game. Beyond that, ask the GM first. No mephits.

Character Creation

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